Traditional uses, phytochemistry, and toxic potential of Teucrium polium L.: A comprehensive review

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Teucrium polium, Ethnopharmacology, Phytochemistry, Toxicity, Kidney, Liver


The aim of this study was to present information about the traditional use and phytochemistry of T. polium, to discuss contradictory views about chemotaxonomy and its toxic effect on liver and kidneys, and to make suggestions about controversial areas and gaps in the literature. Literature data showed that T. polium has toxic effect on kidney tissue. Moreover, in some of the studies on the liver and in all clinical reports, T. polium has also been proven to have toxic effect on the liver. The components responsible for toxicity are thought to be neo-clerodane diterpenoids. However, it has been reported that flavonoids and some polyphenols in the plant also show antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It has been concluded that more attention should be paid to the use of this plant. More clinical studies are needed to better understand the effects of T. polium on the liver. The effects of the plant on blood serum parameters and histological changes on the liver tissue should be documented in more detail. It was also concluded that that regular consumption of T. polium should be avoided for long periods of time.


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